How To Make A Paper Hearts Garland



Scrapbook / craft papers



Sewing Machine

Paper / pencil

Hole punch

Baker’s Twine / Ribbon



Draw out a heart shape on a piece of paper the size that you want your hearts to be. (About 2”)

Select the craft papers you wish to use and put 3 layers together with a different design on each.

Draw round the heart template as many times as you can fit and cut out. (Depending on how long you want your garland to be – make sure you have enough hearts for the length).

Place your hearts into stack of 3 – with two craft papers facing up and one on the back facing outwards (so you can see the design).

Thread up your sewing machine and begin to stitch through the first heart, stitch a 2” gap then through the next heart.

Continue to do this until you have no more hearts left.

Punch a hole in the top heart and the bottom heart and tie a loop of baker’s twine (or ribbon) through. This will allow you to hang easily.