How To Make A Fabric Bow





Glue gun

Hair clips


Cut two pieces of fabric - 9 x 7 inches for the large section and 9 x 1.5 inches for the middle section of the bow.

With your big piece, turn it over, so the right side is down and the long side of the fabric is horizontal. Then, take the bottom and fold it over into the middle and glue it. Once that’s done, fold the top down in the middle and glue.

Now, with the seam side up–bring the edges into the middle just. Bring one side into the middle and glue it. Repeat for the other side. Now you should have a rectangle.

Lay the small piece right side down. Follow the second step to make a thin rectangle with no wrong sides showing (pattern all around). Set to one side.

With your little rectangle and with the seam facing up, start to fold it, lie you are pleating it like a fan. 

Put a dab of glue on the front of the pleated bow. The side with the seam will be on the back.

Glue the skinny length of fabric to the front of the bow in the middle.  Be sure to keep the pleated shape of your bow together as you do this step.

Trim one side of the skinny length of fabric and glue it to the back of the bow. 

Add a dab of glue on top of the piece you just glued down. Now, open your hair clip or pin and glue just the top part in. While the glue is still wet, wrap the remaining fabric down and over the top of the clip. Be sure to pull it tight so the bow will stay together. Trim off any excess.